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Perfect quality ice for all occasions. 

We deliver to all venues including Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Clubs, Sporting Venues, Festivals, Off Licences and Private Parties. For any House deliveries or Office Parties in the BN1 or BN2 area of Brighton, minimum delivery of 3x11kg bags.

Cubed Ice 

  • 11Kg sacks (5 individual bags)
  • Ideal for
    • All Drinks
    • Ice Buckets
    • Ice Baths

Crushed Ice

  • 12Kg single sacks 
  • Ideal for
    • Cocktails
    • Bar Displays
    • Food Counters

Free delivery for all orders inside Brighton

Minimum quantities apply for delivery outside Brighton

Call: 07976 665549 / 01273 706317